Capital District CYO Rules

Diocesan Director:            Ray Piscitelli


Area Directors:

Albany:                       Bill Murphy
Schenectady:            Ralph Catrambone
Troy:                           Ray Piscitelli


The diocesan rules committee has revised the Diocesan basketball rules as of October 2007.  These are the rules and regulations that will be implemented for this season and all seasons thereafter until revisions are adopted.


The Diocesan rules must be strictly followed and the enforcement of such will be in the hands of the area directors and the area’s rule’s committee.  The diocesan rule’s committee encourages all area directors to make sure that each parish pastor, athletic director, coaches, moderators, etc. fully understand all rules.


AREA RULES COMMITTEE:  All areas should organize a committee that will coordinate the program, advise the area director in matters pertaining to the program, set rules and regulations for their area program and act on situations that might arise in their area.  Some examples where they would set rules and regulations are; number of games played, league structure, playoffs, etc.  Area rules MUST NOT conflict with diocesan rules.  The diocesan director must approve any modifications of area rules.  Any modifications made for an area WILL NOT be in effect during diocesan playoffs.  Any such modification must be proposed in writing and be approved by the diocesan director before being implemented.


NOTE:  No area committee or area director has the authority to change any of the eligibility rules.


DIOCESAN RULES COMMITTEE:  The diocesan rule’s committee consists of the area directors as well as representatives for the tri-city area acting in an advisory capacity to the diocesan director.  The committee meets to discuss area and diocesan programs; for example: communications, updating rules and regulations and to decide on matters that could not be solved on the area level.  This committee along with the diocesan director has the authority to act on any and all matters deemed necessary, prior to, during and after the season.


All rules must be observed in order to maintain team eligibility for CYO sponsored games, leagues and post-season tournaments, avoid forfeiture of games, and suspension from participating in the league.


NOTE:  These rules and regulations supersede any and all rules and regulations including those adopted in 1999 and shall remain in force until amended by the diocesan rule’s committee.





1.  Age and grade requirements:


a.       Biddy division --  Must be in sixth grade or under.  A student shall be eligible for competition until his/her 13th birthday.  If the age of 13 years is reached on or after September 1st of the current calendar year, the student may continue to finish the season.


b.       Junior division – must be in 8th grade or under.  A student shall be eligible for competition until his/her 15th birthday.  If age 15 years is reached on or after September 1st of the current calendar year, the student may continue to finish the season.


2.  Continued membership and eligibility for all players on the team roster shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:


a.       A player may not play on two CYO teams and/or a team that plays in our CYO structure.


b.       Boys or girls playing in a junior varsity or varsity team are not allowed to play CYO.


c.       In order for a player to be eligible for the end of the year diocesan tournament play of local playoffs, he/she must play in at least 50% of the scheduled league games.  (Exception, if a player has been sick or injured and this prevented them from doing so.)


d.       If a player was eligible because they attended a school and they leave said school to attend another they are no longer eligible.


(no #3 listed in official rules)


4.  With prior approval the league is open to all Catholic schools in the diocese providing that all the rules established for the league are strictly complied with.


5.  All rosters have to be signed by the pastor and coach stating that all players have been checked and are eligible to play per all eligibility requirements set forth in the current rules.


            Note:  In order for a player to be put on your roster as member of your parish, he/she must be a member of your parish one year prior to December 31st of the current playing year.  However, the pastor has a right to waive this requirement if he feels there is a legitimate reason for doing so.  (This is not meant for coaches to go out and recruit good ball players for their team.)  Ex:  has been an active member of the parish for years but never officially signed up.


Exception:  If a player has moved in from out of town, this rule is waived.  However, they will be assigned to the closest church edifice as defined in rule 11b.


6.  The area directors will set the dates for submitting of the roster, fees, and birth certificates.  They will likewise set the date for additions to their roster, but under no circumstances can this date be later than December 31st of the current playing season.

7.  A team shall forfeit all games in which an ineligible player has participated.


8.  There is no moving up or down once the date has been established for the rosters to be submitted and your roster has been turned in to the area director.  Examples, biddy to junior or junior to biddy even if age and grade requirements are not met.


9.  Non-Affiliated Players.  There are two types of non-affiliated players:


a.       Players that do not have a parish affiliation.

b.       Players that belong to a parish that does not have a team.


            This type of player is allowed to participate; however, in addition to meeting the conditions for participation enumerated in the remainder of this paragraph, the conditions of paragraph 12 must also be satisfied for Non-Affiliated players that do not have a parish affiliation (i.e. 9.a).


            In order for the player to participate a determination must be made by the accepting parish that their parish is the closest church edifice to the player’s legal place of residence.  If the closest parish does not accept this player then he or she would be eligible to participate at the next closest parish and so on.  In the case of a player not playing at the closest parish having a team it is recommended that the accepting parish obtain a written, dated and signed waiver from all parishes that have a team and are closer to the player’s legal residence.  In no event shall a Non-affiliated player be allowed to be placed on a team that has cut their own players.


(no #10 listed in official rules)


11. Transfers – These are two types of transfers:


a.       Players from a parish school having a team, who attend a school other than their own, may play for the school they are attending or for their own parish or school.  (no limit as to the numbers and no permissions are needed)

b.       Players from a parish or parish school having a team will not be allowed to play for another parish or parish school unless they have first tried out for their own team and have been cut by that team.


Note:  This type of player is allowed to participate and can be placed on the closest team, as approved and determined by the accepting pastor as to what is the closest church edifice to their legal place of residence.  However, they may not be placed on a team that has cut their own players.  There is a player limit per team.  See rule 12.


12.  Limits.  The total number of “Non-affiliated players that do not have a parish affiliation”, as defined in paragraph 9.a., combined with the number of “Transfer Players”, as defined in paragraph 11b., shall not exceed the lesser of 50% of the number of players on the entire roster or 5.  By way of example a roster of 8 players would be allowed to have up to a total of 4 players meeting the definitions provided in paragraphs 9a and 11; a rosterof 9 would be allowed 4; a roster 0f 10 would be allowed 5; a roster of 11 would be allowed 5; and, a roster of 12 would be allowed 5.


13.  Birth certificates must be submitted upon request of the area directors.


14.  It is the responsibility of each pastor, athletic director, coach, and moderators to study and be versed in the rules and regulations as they apply.  You are responsible for adhering to the established rules and no deviations will be allowed.


15.  It is required that every team competing in the program is accompanied by a coach, moderator, or responsible person 18 years of age or older who will be responsible for the team’s conduct.  Absence of such person can result in a team forfeit.


16.  Each assigned person who has the responsibility of the team who allows an ineligible player or who violates any of the established rules may be dismissed from his/her position at the discretion of the area director.  This includes such things as causing body contact with an official, profanity, or unsportsmanlike conduct on his/her part or on the part of team members.


17.  Any player or coach expelled from a league or post season game shall be ineligible to coach or play in at least the next league or post season game.  If the incident was of a physical nature a minimum of two games and possibly more as determined by the area director.  Such individual will not be allowed on the team bench, in the locker room prior to or at half time of such game.  In the case of a coach, any form of communication whether it is verbally, written signals etc. will be considered a violation of this rule and the game is subject to forfeit.  This is a self-imposed penalty, which the individual has to adhere to, besides forfeiture of the game, further action will be taken.




  1. Regulation Games;


                  a.  Biddy          6 minute quarters


                  b.  Junior          7 minute quarters


            Biddy and Juniors will play 2 minute overtimes.


  1. BOYS:  Both levels will follow the boy’s high school section two rules per the current season’s rules book.  However, there will be the following exceptions.


a.      Biddy’s will shoot a 13 foot foul line and will be allowed five seconds in the lane.


b.      No three point shot.


c.      TIME OUTS:  Each team is entitled to FOUR (4) full time outs per game and ONE (1) full time out each overtime period.


d.      No shot clock.


  1. GIRLS:  Both levels will follow the girl’s section two rules per the current season’s rule book.  However, there will be the following exceptions.


a.      Biddy’s will shoot from 13 foot foul line and will be allowed five seconds in the lane.


b.      No three point shot


c.      No thrity second clock.


d.      Will use the 10 second backcourt rule.


e.      TIME OUTS:  Each team is entitled to FOUR (4) time out per game and ONE (1) full time out each overtime period.


  1. Each year prior to the start of the league season, the rules committee will meet and review any new rules that section two has established and if there are any variations or rules that we will not follow, your area director will notify you as such.

 The following could possibly constitute grounds for forfeiture of games:


1.       If a CYO team member plays on two CYO teams or a team involved in our CYO structure.


2.       If a CYO team member plays on a junior varsity or varsity team.


3.       If a player has been expelled from a league or postseason game and does not sit out the next league game or postseason game.


4.       Violation of age or grade requirement.  (This is an automatic forfeiture)


5.       Violation of the eligibility requirements, including the non-affiliated or transfer rule.


6.       A no-show for a game without prior consent of the area director.


Possible penalties for forfeited games:


1.       If a team forfeits two games in the current playing season it could be suspended from participation for the remainder of the season, including any end of the year tournaments and diocesan playoffs.


2.       If a team is suspended from participation, no fees will be returned.  If a coach of his/her team is suspended, the coach may not be allowed to coach at any level the following season in the Capital District Diocesan CYO program pending the review and discretion of the diocesan committee.



Rulings and Disputes:


      The decision of the Diocesan Director and the area directors shall be final and binding on all disputes involving the forfeiture of games and forfeiture penalties as well as the interpretation and application of these rules.



(Rev. 10/07)